We don’t want your fuckin’ data 

We don’t care about your shit. 

It’s just a bunch of boring crap 

And doesn’t interest us one bit. 


We’re only prepared to hold enough 

To allow you to log in and out. 

Anything else, keep to yourself, 

It’s stuff that we can do without. 


We’ve got better things to do 

Than process facts that take up space 

Upon our MySQL 

Relational Database. 


And if you think for just one minute 

That your data that we’ve parsed 

Will be passed to someone else, 

It won’t because we can’t be arsed. 


So don’t go and flatter yourself 

That your info’s worth some cash. 

It’s not - it’s got no more value 

Than piles, or boils, or a nasty rash. 



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