Kelp, kelp, lovely kelp, 

Give me lots of kelp. 

Pile it high upon my plate, 

It’s something I can’t help. 

It gives me wind and stomach cramps 

And it makes me shit like fuck 

But still I can’t help eating it 

I’ll scoff it ’til I chuck. 


I eat kelp for breakfast, 

For my lunch and tea and supper. 

I’ll even eat it between meals 

When I sit down for a cuppa. 

Well, when I say "sit down" I guess 

I really mean sit up, 

Because my chairs are in a pile 

I’m high up when I sup. 


I eat my kelp in spring and summer, 

Autumn and in winter. 

I print out hi-res scans of it 

Upon my faithful printer. 

I staple kelp upon my walls 

So anyone can try it. 

It’s a handy way to eat it 

Now that it’s my staple diet. 


I thank you. 



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