National Curry Day

Today, it’s National Curry Day 

Hip hip hip hip hip hooray! 

Forget my woes, forget my worries, 

I’ll drown them all amongst my curries. 

Today, my tongue will go quite mental 

And never taste a hint of lentil 

For they’ll be hit with red hot spices 

Only quelled by fragrant rices. 


Garlic, fennel, cloves and cumin 

Soon will send my taste buds zooming. 

Turmeric, paprika, cinnamon 

And some mint will all be in among 

Nutmeg, saffron, fresh chopped ginger, 

Guaranteed to check the whinger. 

With tamarind and Cayenne pepper - 

Christ! This stuff could cure a leper. 


Give me up to seven courses 

All in lush, sensational sauces. 

Give me puri, give me phal, 

Give me chana, give me dhal. 

Let me hear that karahi sizzling, 

Let me feel my hunger fizzling. 

All the dishes from Bengal, 

Bring them – I could eat them all. 


I know it’s going to hurt a lot, 

For I’ll eat stuff that’s way too hot. 

I don’t care about the burn. 

I know that I will never learn. 

I’ll eat hot chilies ’til I howl 

Without a care about my bowels. 

Today, I will be thrilled to bits, 

And tomorrow I will have the shits



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