Let’s Swap Snot

Let’s swap snot. 

What a lot I’ve got. 

Up my nose 

Is its repose 

But you can have the lot. 


It may sound rather funny 

But mine is loose and runny 

Yours is stiff 

And firm, what if 

We swap some for no money? 


And then they’ll balance out. 

The contents of our snouts 

Will have good consistency 

It makes so good sense to me. 

Both of us winners, no doubt. 


They’ll say we’re a couple of flookers 

But I want to do it with you ’cos 

Someone who manages 

Their nasal passages 

Sure is a master of mucus. 


They’ll say we’re a couple of fogies 

A disgusting pair of old toadies 

They won’t understand 

Exactly how grand 

It is to play with your bogies. 


So let’s give it a shot 

I don’t care a jot 

What they say 

So, what the hey, 

Let’s swap snot. 



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